Talk by Paula Davies FRPS and Guy Davies ARPS

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A Bit of This and a Bit of That

by Paula Davies FRPS and Guy Davies ARPS

We are both photographers who just like to take pictures of what we like at the time, so what we show is a miscellany of some of our favourite images.  We include landscapes, architecture both internal and external, still life, close up work, floral images and some creative work, with the occasional humorous image or two just to lighten the session.  Mostly the images are in colour but we do also show a few mono images.



 Paula & Guy are members of Stokesley Photographic Society where  Paula is Secretary and Guy is  Chairman of the club.  They are Permajet supported speakers and invited members of GAMMA Photoforum. Paula also actively participates in the United Photographic Postfolios of Great Britain (UPP).

Paula describes herself as a “butterfly photographer” because she flits from subject to subject taking a photograph of anything that attracts her.   She enjoys being out in the landscape pressing the shutter but gets particular satisfaction from seeking out abstract images in man-made and natural objects that look like landscapes.   Her FRPS panel was a good example of this.

Although many of her successful images are “straight ones”, she has had particular success in exhibitions with her more creative images and she enjoys altering reality by manipulating images in Photoshop.

Guy’s favourite subject to photograph is landscape, particularly when it is illuminated by some wonderful light.    Previously a darkroom worker, Guy likes to apply the darkroom approach to bringing out the best in an image by selectively adjusting contrast.    He particularly enjoys a monochrome picture and generally tends towards the dramatic approach but is occasionally tempted into trying the delicate/high key technique.

Guy was a successful exhibitor in international exhibitions for 10 years and in that time gained 1395 acceptances with 112 awards including 20 medals ranging from bronze to gold.














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