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Odd things and Multiple Images

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Diane has been actively involved in photography for about 15 years.  For 10 of those years, she was a full time professional photographer, covering mostly corporate events, company headshots and presentations.  She has also worked freelance for a number of photographic agencies, covering events such as the X-Factor, and Britain’s Got Talent, with images being published in national newspapers and magazines.   She has also photographed weddings and portraits.

Since taking retirement from full time photography, Diane has taken up more experimental work, with the freedom to shoot anything she likes, without the constraints placed upon her by clients and agencies. 

She shoots with a combination of cameras.  A Canon 1DX was used mostly for corporate work, together with a range of lens.  Latterly, Diane has started to shoot more and more with the Fuji X system, and currently her main camera is the Fuji X-T3, again with a range of lens.

Diane currently lives near Louth in Lincolnshire, and has one husband, two Labrador dogs, and a bicycle…

The presentation

Odd things, and Multiple Exposures.

We will discuss creativity in photography, and the fear that some photographers have of something ‘going wrong’.  We will look at images, and discuss how they were made, and consider camera types, and what a camera can do for you - and later think about how post production can change your own perception, and the perception of a viewer who knows nothing about photography.


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Susan Gibson




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