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Working with Brushes in Photoshop

Understanding how a brush works in Photoshop or other image editing software is key to the success of most tools.  Brushes are used to smudge, erase, clone, heal, draw, lighten, darken, soften, sharpen and of course to paint.  And that is just the start of using a brush.  When you make your own brushes to ‘paint’ stray hairs on to a portrait, add grass and reeds to a landscape, apply watercolours, blend colours together with thick gooey oil paint brushes, add smoke swirls, even emboss music notes or stamp antique text on to your images, that’s when you really get to know the attributes and behaviours of brushes.

Using brushes can enhance the beauty of an image in numerous ways, whether it is just correcting or editing or adding completely new pixels.

This workshop explores:

  • the brushes that come with Photoshop, how to use them and how to manipulate their behaviours and attributes.
  • How to make your own brushes and why
  • The differences when applying brush strokes with a mouse vs digital tablet pen.
  • Brushes available for download and why you should


Introduction and Overview:  Celia will explore the basics of working with all brushes and brush types in Photoshop.  We will work with brush settings and behaviours, make new brushes from parts of your own images and completely from scratch.

Photoshop tutorial: How to use, find and modify brushes that come with Photoshop.  How to download (free) Adobe approved brushes, how to make your own brushes and why you would want to do this. This live demonstration with encouraged Q and A will explore everything about brushes.  We will make both complex and simple brushes with the focus on building up a library of your own brushes that can be modified and applied to a range of images.


[Individual project work]

This is your opportunity to capture images suitable for turning into brushes and to have a go at making your own brushes

  • Modify an existing brush in Photoshop
  • Capture images from your own natural world or household items or urban surroundings and make a brush
  • Use your own or Photoshop brushes creatively.


SESSION 2 [Full Group] Optional session:

A group online meeting giving you the opportunity to meet up again, to discuss progress, ask questions and for me to demonstrate any techniques where you need a bit more input. 


A group on line meeting where you will share your image, talk us through your ideas, show where you have applied brush techniques.  We will share ideas and you will receive feedback and critique.

Level of ability required to benefit from this workshop?

In order to get the best from this workshop, you should feel confident in Photoshop with opening, saving and closing images; have a basic understanding of the tools to apply simple selections and work with layers, you should be able to select standard brushes, change the foreground and background colours and bring loads of enthusiasm to learn something new.

The workshop is run using Zoom video conferencing software and you will be able to watch, work alongside and interact with your tutor during each topic presentation and ask questions throughout.

You should have basic Photoshop skills – tutorial will cover use of Brushes, presets, Brush settings, how to define new brushes, copy brushes, import and export brushes, create brush folders and most importantly how and where to apply the use of brushes.


Celia Henderson LRPS qualified as a lecturer in computing in 2002 and has combined her love of photography and passion for Photoshop with that of teaching and learning and offers a range of photography and Photoshop workshops where she hopes you will be inspired, motivated, entertained and shown techniques and tools that will provide you with the skills for the Art of Flower Photography. Celia worked with Sony as one of their Advocate Photographers between 2009 and 2013. During her time with Sony ran workshops and presented lectures and demonstrations on macro and flower photography at the 2012 Sony World Photography Awards in Somerset House, London and demonstrated the Sony Alpha camera range over several years at “Focus on Imaging” show at the NEC Birmingham and at RHS Wisley. She uses her flower images to create contemporary wall art on print, canvas, metal and acrylic.


Celia will need access to your email address to enable her to send you a link to the class - we will presume that by booking this course you are giving permission unless you contact us to state otherwise. 

We will also be sending you the tutors email address, phone number and all the links and info you will need once you have signed up. You will receive a Zoom invitation via email, the day before the workshop begins.

Any queries on Zoom or the invitation, please contact Melanie at digse@rps.org



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Melanie Chalk


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Please inform us as soon as possible if you are unable to attend a course as it is not possible to refund any cancellation or transfer to another workshop less than 14 days prior to course start date. The Society reserves the right to cancel a workshop 7 days prior to its start date.




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