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Is this it? Beyond Street Photography with Leigh Preston

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Leigh Preston FRPS’s latest street photography is about observation, a series of moments and photographic observations witnessed and 'stolen' in many locations featuring the random, the absurd, the bizarre and the serious. In this light-hearted talk he covers mainly people pictures from all walks of life and a general look at the absurd with aspects of performance - people perform just going about their everyday life, so there's a bit of that, accompanied by some images from The Edinburgh Fringe and some stage performances from rock concerts. Street photography is part of it, but there are elements of behaviour and silliness as well as visits to places as diverse as Stoke-on-Trent and Havana, a kind of photographic scrutiny and comment about what he comes across in towns and cities as he wanders through them. This type of work is two-fold, instant serendipity and spontaneous reaction, or a patient wait for the right moment.

Young man swinging from door lintel

All images © Leigh Preston FRPS

This latest work deviates from Leigh’s earlier photography, which is mainly thematic, often using dramatic lighting in wilderness situations, or monochrome in the urban landscape. The vast majority of his output has concentrated on the Northern mill towns, depicting a changing industrial landscape. Over the past 30 years he has travelled widely, with an emphasis on the USA to make images in the National Parks out of season and more particularly Yellowstone in winter, alongside a larger portfolio about the empty Prairies inspired by the book 'Badlands' by Jonathan Raban and also by Steinbeck. Trips to Cuba, India, Greenland, Norway and Georgia have added a more reportage style of portraiture to his portfolio. Lately he has been working on the street, looking for characters and humour or aspects of absurdity. He prefers to work alone, influenced by the environment he grew up with and the photography of Bill Brandt, John Gray and Michael Kenna and the artists L.S.Lowry and Atkinson Grimshaw. Lyricism and narrative have become increasingly important in the documentary work he is now producing, linking influences such as J.B. Priestly and Beryl Bainbridge alongside Bob Dylan and Roger Waters. More recently he has been working on projects for publications and writing the narratives to balance the pictures, these include an essay on Power and Power Stations, Rock Musicians and an ongoing portrait of Liverpool.

Leigh Preston FRPS has produced three books – Shadows of Change, Five Essays and Santorini - all of which depict the various aspects of his photography as outlined above.

Leigh has lectured widely for over 40 years and still has a darkroom, although most of his work is now digital. He sat on RPS distinction panels for best part of 25 years and now runs location workshops and printing courses for Permajet. Prior to that he worked as a tutor for Jessops school of photography in Leicester and has continued to teach college courses, although these are now far fewer and on-line due to the impact of COVID. His working life was as a cartographer and land surveyor for the Ordnance Survey and other Government departments. Photography is not his only interest - hill walking, long-distance running and industrial archaeology are other ways he spends his time.

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