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Creativity and Expression in Photography with Guy Tal

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Photography is a medium eminently capable of both objective representation and subjective expression. This dichotomy, although long resolved in other media, is still a subject of contention among photographers and critics. If we accept photography as a medium for expressive art, the question remains: how to use a medium designed to record realistic appearances to convey subjective—emotional—meanings. In the words of Ernst Haas: how to humanize the machine.

In this talk, Guy will discuss some of the challenges faced by photographic artists today, and historically. Explaining his philosophy of art and some of the science of visual expression, Guy will also discuss how photography, even in its purest forms, may express concepts beyond just representation of appearances.

Woodland Abstract

Guy Tal is a professional author and photographic artist living in Torrey, Utah. He is the author of several books, a regular contributor to photographic publications such as LensWork and On Landscape, a blogger, and an educator.

Guy photographs primarily in the Colorado Plateau — a unique high desert region in the American Southwest, where he lives with his wife Sarah. In his photographs, Guy intends to express emotions and mood rather than to document the appearances of things and places, or to commemorate serendipitous events. He does not consider himself as a photographer who makes art but as a self-expressive artist working in the medium of photography.

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