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Rainforest by Duncan Armour DPAGB & Debbie Armour DPAGB

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Duncan Armour DPAGB and Deborah Armour DPAGB are both very experienced nature photographers who spend as much of their spare time as they can in the wilderness. They are both members of Taunton Camera Club.

Rainforest -  10.30 to 12.15 with a coffee break

Photography from travels mainly in South and Central America over the last ten years looking a wildlife and landscape photography in what is probably the most challenging environment for photographers to operate, photographing life from the smallest to largest living things on the planet.

Lunch Break - 12.15 - 13.15

Debbie and Duncan will bring a range of prints covering subjects from all around the globe for you to look at in the break.

Let there be Light - 13.15 - 14.00

Wildlife photographers in the rainforest tend to discover that they need to learn how to use light and bring their own when nature proves to be lacking in illumination. In this section we will talk about some of the techniques we use from high-speed flash to freeze motion and demonstate portable field studios for macro work; all techniques that we used and taught ourselves in our back garden in the UK before travelling abroad, so are more broadly applicable.

Divergent Views - 14.00 - 15.00

Why is nature photography in camera clubs so different from the work of professional wildlife photographers? Despite being the most popular genre of photography in clubs, many tell us that they tend to find nature photography boring as it is just record photography of nature. As keen amateur wildlife photographers we want to see the gap narrow with the professionals, and with examples from our own work and others, will suggest that a greater diversity of approaches need to be embraced in clubs and by judges. 

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