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Intentional Camera Movement, (ICM), can capture fleeting moments that would otherwise get lost in the turmoil of the crashing waves. This workshop looks to develop your techniques so that you can capture these moments with Roger Crocombe. The course encourages you to take your own images and submit via email to Roger for feedback, it is just one 90 minute session 10-11.30 pm

Many of us love a bit of Intentional Camera Movement, but they do say there is a 95% plus failure rate!  Here is a chance to learn with Roger, a passionate beach and landscape photographer, on how to increase your own success rate. Roger will demonstrate his techniques and show examples of his own work.

 This workshop has been organised at this time of year, so you can immediately get out to practise the techniques, whilst Roger's inspirational words are fresh in your mind. In January and February the sunrises can be captured around 7 to 8 am.  Not 'Silly o'clock' !

Roger is a landscape photographer with a special affinity for the shoreline. His passion is capturing an impression of nature’s forces at work through their interaction with the immovable objects in the way, be they cliffs, cobbles, groynes, or shingle. He achieved his Associateship from the RPS in 2012 with a panel on the shoreline and is still a passionate beach and landscape photographer. In 2016 he was invited to join the Arena Photographers of the South and continues to be involved with workshops and lectures for the RPS and at clubs around the South.

Roger will need access to your email address to enable him to send you a link to the class - we will presume that by booking this course you are giving permission unless you contact us to state otherwise. 

We will also be sending you the tutors email address, phone number and all the links and info you will need once you have signed up. You will receive a Zoom invitation via email, the day before the workshop begins.

Any queries on Zoom or the invitation, please contact Melanie at digse@rps.org





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