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Lightroom Step by Step #1: Importing into Lightroom

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#1 Importing into Lightroom

One of the most difficult parts of using Lightroom is getting to grips with the Import process.  The Import screen in Lightroom is very complex and most people don’t really understand all the options.  This means that the power of this screen is left untapped, photos end up in confusing places and your Lightroom catalogue can become a real mess very quickly.

Help is at hand!

What time: 10:00:00 AM 

Date of this workshop: Saturday 18 June 2022 

In this talk, Adobe Certified Expert Joe Houghton will - in a plain, easy to understand way:


  • What the Lightroom catalogue is (and isn’t).
  • Different ways to sort and display your images before you import them.
  • How to select just some images to import.
  • How to import images from an SD card to your hard drive.
  • How to add images to your catalogue from an external hard drive.
  • Copy as DNG and why / why not to use this.
  • When and why to use (or not) the “suspected duplicates” setting.
  • How to add keywords to the images you import.
  • How to auto-process images on import to save time in Develop.
  • How to rename your files on import.
  • How to take control of where your files end up, and avoid the mess of date folders Lightroom creates if left in default settings.

This is the first talk in a series delving deep into all of Lightroom’s nooks and crannies to build your knowledge and abilities in “Lightroom step by step”.  

All talks will be recorded and video made available to attendees so you can go through the details in your own time at your leisure.

A folder where materials relevant to this course are accessible will be available  for registered users of this course.

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