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Workshop - Editing and Sequencing a Series

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Learn how to tell stories with your camera on our new 3-part RPS Documentary and Photographic Project Workshops, intended to provide expert practical guidance and support to produce meaningful documentary projects. 
Combining interactive demonstrations, live Q&A’s with photographers, free 60-Page PDF guides, and exclusive access to a private RPS Documentary Facebook group - with RPS and professional photographer support - we’ll equip you with  the tools you need.
The courses are modular and contain many tools professionals use to set their work apart from the pack. They can be done in any order, will help you build your understanding and confidence about this genre. Specifically, the three separate courses cover: 
Starting Out - How to start building a photographic series, including where to find inspiration, define your intent, and decide if it’s a go/no go.
Execution - How to shoot the best story you can, including planning, ethics, staying motivated, tricks/tips, and knowing when to stop.
Finishing Up - How to complete your series, including editing, sequencing, showing your work, and getting feedback.

Finishing Up - Editing and Sequencing a Series How to complete your series, including editing, sequencing, showing your work, and getting feedback.

These courses have been built specifically for RPS members in 2020, and created from the ground up by Mark Phillips, RPS Documentary Chair, and Jon Cunningham, founder of award-winning photography education company, Creative Escapes. We are delighted to be working with Jon and his team, who bring extensive and professional teaching expertise to deliver this.

We have now run a number of these successful workshops and for the near future these will continue to be be held online.  






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Workshops - Building a Photographic Series

These new workshops are intended to provide expert practical guidance for those considering or already working on long term projects (documentary, contemporary or travel).  They aim to address some of the challenges in three areas: Starting out (building a photographic series, defining your intent, planning and researching the project),  Working on projects (staying motivated, shooting to a narrative, keeping it going and field work) and Finishing up (the edit, sequencing and getting your work out there).

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