Jim Mortram - Si, Kirsty and Bandit “All the millionaires and that, they are sat there in their big houses and judge us. The benefits people always fob us off, every week they say ‘You can’t expect us to give you money straight away.’ and yeah, that’s alright but you don’t know how we have to live, what state we have to live in and you’re there going home to your nice food, to your brand new car, a seven bedroom house and we’re left here and no one has a care in the world.”
CREDIT: Jim Mortram

Engagement - with Jim Mortram

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This Engagement talk features Award Winning Social Documentary Photographer and Creator of Small Town Inertia, Jim Mortram

Jim lives near Dereham, a small town in Norfolk. Dereham is no different from thousands of other communities throughout Britain, where increasing numbers of people struggle to survive at a time of welfare cuts and failing health services. For over seven years, Jim has been photographing the lives of people in his community who, through physical and mental problems and a failing social security system, face isolation and loneliness in their daily lives. His work covers difficult subjects such as disability, addiction and self-harm, but is always with hope and dignity, focusing upon the strength and resilience of the people he photographs. Small Town Inertia is a remarkable body of work. A full-time carer for his mother, Jim is, like his subjects, unable to escape from the geographical confines of his hometown and his understanding and sympathy for his struggling neighbours is apparent in every photograph.

The event will be around 90 minute and is Free.  However, we invite you to make a £5 donation which will be forwarded to the charity Trussell Trust, which is working to stop UK hunger and poverty.

It will NOT be recorded. 


Jim's work can be found here:

Jim Mortram

Small Town Inertia 


Engagement - is a series of online talks by established and upcoming photographers working on documentary and long term projects.  We plan to host about one talk per month, via Zoom. Watch our Events pages for more details and booking information. 

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