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This Engagement Talk features Award Winning Photographer, Jack Lowe, and his long-term The Lifeboat Station Project

Jack Lowe is a documentarist using photography, audio recordings and film to make and share the story of ‘The Lifeboat Station Project’, his 8 year journey to all 238 RNLI lifeboat stations on the coast of the UK and Ireland. 

The earliest seeds of this project were sown in Jack’s childhood, when his love for lifeboats began. Much later in life, after a career in photography, Jack found himself searching for a change in direction, something that would take him away from sitting in front of computers all day!

He considered what he felt most passionate about and wrote these words on a piece of paper:

  •  Photography

  • Lifeboats

  • The Sea

That scrap of paper, along with a lot of thinking, dreaming and planning, led Jack to the idea of travelling to all 238 RNLI lifeboat stations in the UK and Ireland to photograph them.

By visiting every RNLI Lifeboat Station in the UK and Republic of Ireland, Jack is creating an unprecedented archive, preserving a vital aspect of our island nation’s culture for future generations. 

The project is the first time anyone has tried to create a complete photographic record of every single RNLI lifeboat crew, and it soon became noted for its enormous historic and cultural significance.

Jack photographs and interviews the lifeboat volunteers he meets along the way but there’s a twist! 

Travelling in his mobile darkroom, a decommissioned ambulance called Neena, Jack uses Victorian photographic techniques.

Using a process known as wet collodion, Jack is crafting unique hand-made photographs on glass, capturing the view from each station and the waters protected by the RNLI crews.

Each glass plate, known as an Ambrotype, is a beautiful standalone unique artwork.


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