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Processing for monochrome; landscapes and architecture VI

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This will be a live, two-way interactive workshop for up to six people.  It is a repeat of earlier workshops which sold out.  

In this four-part workshop you will learn how to create fine art black and white architectural and seascape photographs. Multi-award-winning Belgian photographer Noel Baldewijns will share his techniques through six hours of online teaching spread over several days. Noel’s highly dramatic images are a combination of photographic technique, composition and post-processing. His post-processing techniques will be revealed during this workshop together by his working methods in the field.

To take part in this workshop participants will need:

  • a computer with webcam and microphone

  • a reasonable internet connection

  • Adobe Photoshop.

Participants should also have a working knowledge of Adobe Photoshop, in particular, layers, masks and selections.


Workshop content

Four sessions of 1.5 hours spread over two weeks:

  1. Basic masking: step by step you will learn the basic techniques in using layers and masks. The white mask, black mask, painting in a mask, gradients and then processing some real examples. Further you will learn to create dramatic skies using layers and masks. At the end of the session Noel will send you a photograph, asking you to apply the revealed techniques. Once done, you can send it to him to for a short discussion.

  2. Luminosity masking introduction: what are they, how to create them, how to make an “action” in Photoshop, where to find free panels on the internet. There will be two examples on digital blending using luminosity masks, one architectural image and one seascape.

  3. Luminosity masking part 2: we dive in the chiaroscuro techniques of Leonardo De Vinci and others, analyze them, and the apply them in our post-processing. For this we use dodge and burn combined with luminosity masking, intersecting soft with hard selections and gradients.

  4. The final lesson will consider the techniques used in the field. How to prepare on a shoot, different long exposure techniques and panorama technique. Also, how to commence a shoot and how to take individual images.

Participants will be provided with copies of Noel’s presentation materials and will have free access to videos repeating all of the steps covered during the workshop.

For more information about Noel, visit his website www.noel-baldewijns.com


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