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West Kirby and New Brighton long exposures

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A hybrid online / on-location workshop for 6 participants.  

This new approach to traditional location-based landscape workshops offers you all the key creative and technical support you need from a workshop leader whilst enabling you to fully comply with social distancing requirements.  It will comprise three elements:

- a detailed online briefing with the workshop leader (via Zoom)

- individual (unaccompanied) on-location photographic shoot at a time to suit you

- follow up image review and critique.

The coastline at West Kirby and New Brighton is a monochrome, minimalist paradise for those photographers who enjoy putting their Big Stoppers (or equivalent long exposure filter) through its paces. The shoot has to take place over the weekend of 19th and/or 20th September as this coincides with a high tide that is required for this type of photography.

The workshop is based around West Kirby and New Brighton on the Wirral but if you are planning two visits to this location Colin would suggest visiting Crosby as well for the incoming tide on one of the days. He normally visits all three locations on the same workshop but it can be a rush and if you aren’t familiar with the area you are likely to miss out on some of the spots either because the tide is too high or too low. All this will be explained in the pre-shoot video conference that Colin will give via Zoom.

In the initial video conference Colin will provide an introduction to the locations showing examples of his work, discussing practical issues around parking, public facilities, tides and sun positions along with camera techniques that he recommends.  This is an interactive session and you can ask Colin anything you like as he will not only show you examples of his work but help you plan your own visit to the locations.

The locations Colin has lined up for you feature seafront architecture, tidal sea defences, Perch Rock Lighthouse and public art (if you choose to shoot at Crosby in addition to the other locations) . You will explore a diverse range of locations and subject matter challenging your creativity and approach to these subjects.  

After you have completed your location shoot and any image processing, you will meet again online with Colin and the other participants to share your images and receive feedback from Colin.

In planning your day(s) out, you should expect to bring/wear:
- all your usual camera gear, tripod & filters.
- wellies are essential.
- waterproof trousers, and coats should it rain.
- lunch and refreshments.
You will need:
a 10 stop filter (Colin can advise on this)
a 0.6 Hard (or medium) Graduated Neutral Density filter
A shutter release cable
A sturdy tripod
This will be a category C event for up to 6 people.  Category C means events that focus on a particular skill or technique (such as long exposures, composition or night photography) and/or on getting the best from a particular location. The event leader will have good location knowledge to ensure that the best is made of the prevailing conditions and will be a skilled landscape photographer able to offer tuition at all levels. These events are usually led by professionals but sometimes by volunteer members of the landscape group.  

To take part in the online meetings you will need:
• a computer with webcam and microphone
• a reasonable internet connection
• to download and install the Zoom application on your computer. You will not need a Zoom subscription.

A link to join the Zoom meeting will be emailed to you a day or two in advance of your appointment.


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Mark Reeves


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