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RSPB Snettisham Spectacular

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The Spectacle: From late summer to early winter tens of thousands of wading birds gather on the mudflats where they roost overnight. During an incoming tide, these birds are pushed closer to the beach and on a high spring tide vast flocks of knot, dunlin and oystercatchers take to the air en masse as the high tides cover the mudflats. The commotion of thousands of wingbeats, excited calls and swirling flocks creates an exhilarating nature spectacle.

Strong southerly winds slow down the incoming tide and can delay or exceptionally prevent the spectacular from occurring, waders may not fly into the lagoons if some of the mudflats remain exposed. Winds from the north may cause the spectacular to occur earlier than expected.

There is also an old jetty that is popular with landscape/seascape photographers.

Note: the reserve is clearly signposted down Beach Road from the A149 Snettisham and Dersingham bypass. Continue down Beach Road for about 1.5 miles and the car park is on your left.

Meeting point: We will meet in the car park around 5.45pm where you will need to validate your RSPB membership card in the parking machine or pay the £2 fee if you are not a member. The parking ticket should be left on your car dashboard. We should be ready to leave the car park by 6pm.

Fitness level and safety: The walk to the Wader Watch-point and back to the car park is approximately 3 miles (5 km). If there has been rainfall recently the path to the Watch Wader point can be wet, muddy and slippery in place, so please wear suitable footwear If you are returning after sunset it may be sensible to have a torch with you.

Camera and Lenses: For this event a 24-105 lens or similar would be ideal for the swirling flocks / murmarations etc Longer lenses for details


Additional information:   

  • You can download a trail guide from the RSPB Snettisham website: https://www.rspb.org.uk/globalassets/downloads/documents/reserves/snettisham-trail-guide.pdf
  • If you live close-by or are staying in nearby accommodation, there is another high tide at 6.30am the following morning on Friday 21 August, if you are interested. Alternatively, you could spend time in the 3 hides although we recommend that you have a minimum of 100-400 lens.
  • If anyone is looking for recommendations for nearby accommodation, please contact Nick Bowman.


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