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Visit to Paxton Pits - General Nature Photography

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A visit to the extensive nature reserve at Paxton Pits Cambridgeshire, conveniently located just off the A1. Paxton Pits Nature Reserve is a rich mosaic of wildlife habitats, with beautiful lakes, riverside, meadow, reedbed, scrub and woodland. 

You can find 26 species of dragonfly and damselfly on the Reserve, Wasp spiders, many interesting types of solitary wasps and bees, and  numerous other insects. In springtime, nightingales still sing here though less plentiful than previously and terns, kingfishers, grebes, herons, cormorants and numerous other birds nest here. In winter the lakes fill up with visiting ducks including smew and goosanders in cold winters. You may even get a glimpse of an Otter family.

More details of what you might like to concentrate on and therefore what equipment you might like to bring nearer the date.

Visitor centre serves drinks and there are toilets. 

This event will follow the social distancing rules in operation at the time. Guidance will be given on routes and potential locations of good subjects.

RPS Members Free, non-RPS £5

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Ann Miles


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Paxton Pits

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Paxton Pits Nature Reserve

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Paxton Pits