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Dynamic Wildlife Photography by Gordon and Cathy Illg

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Dynamic Wildlife Photography is an abbreviated presentation of their book of the same title. This talk will not focus on the necessary gear, but rather on what to do with that gear once you have it. The presentation will be all about the choices you make in the field that provide the best chance of capturing something extraordinary.
Gordon & Cathy Illg have been full time nature photographers since the summer of 2000. Their work appears in nearly every North American nature magazine (and several European ones), including numerous covers of publications like Backpacker, Defenders, National Geographic Kids, National Wildlife, Ranger Rick and Ranger Rick Jr. One of their photos was also used in the Wildlife As Canon Sees It ads in National Geographic featuring endangered speciesThey have done well in photo contests, the highlights of which were a Runner-Up, a Highly Commended, and a People’s Choice award in the Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition. Several of their wildlife images decorate the tails of Frontier Airlines’ jets, and they have written 3 books: Rocky Mountain Safari; A Wildlife Discovery Guide, Dynamic Wildlife Photography; Techniques For Creating Captivating Images, and Worshipping With A Camera; Other Nations, The Creatures Who Share This Planet With Us. If the pandemic ever eases, they will resume their career of sharing wild things and wild places with other photographers through their company, Adventure Photography.
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