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RSPB Frampton Marshes

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Frampton Marsh has a variety of freshwater habitats and at the far end of the reserve you have the Wash offering a very different landscape. There are thousands of Ducks gathering on the freshwater scrapes in the winter, a variety of Waders, and Woodland birds.

For those members that don’t want to wander too far there are several large ponds by the Visitor Centre and several hides close-by. If you want to explore the whole reserve, it will involve walking about 3 miles.

Camera kit: Bring the longest lens you have

Entrance Fee: Free to members of the RSPB or £3 per person if not

Whilst we have attracted several “regulars” on our various days out this year (and we hope you can come to Frampton Marsh) we very much hope that other RPS Nature Group Members will join our friendly outings particularly those members from the East Midlands.

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Nick Bowman


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Visitor Centre, Toilet, Car Park


RSPB Frampton Marsh

Frampton Roads


Boston, Lincs


PE20 1AY