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Bruce will talk about his early bird-watching life on the north Wirral coast and his present interests in nature photography and conservation.  It is the story of a young lad from Merseyside who contracted TB at the age of ten and was put away for six months in a sanatorium. 
This talk has three main threads. It's a ‘rites of passage’ story of one lad’s journey through those early formative teenage years when birdwatching sits easily in his life alongside football, girls, radical politics and rock bands. A passion for nature has stayed with him throughout his life and, on revisiting his teenage wildlife haunts, he looks back to those times. It’s a celebration of nature and its power to humble and heal. It’s an inspiring call to arms for anyone who values the world outside their door.
The contents of this talk are published in a book, An Eye for Birds (on-line, also available from bookshops £18.99), using it as a back drop to this fully illustrated talk.

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Ann Miles




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