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Scottish Wildlife - Covid with a Camera by Mick Durham

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In this talk, Mick explores the photography that he has been doing during the last two difficult years – coping with the restrictions laid down by Covid, exploring local opportunities and one or two trip slightly further afield when the restrictions were lifted.

Mick has been a wildlife photographer for over forty years, learning most of his skills in North Wales where he worked as an outdoor education teacher. He moved to Dumfries 25 years ago and has enjoyed working with the huge variety of wildlife the country has to offer. Otters are one of his favourite subjects and he has spent hundreds of hours photographing them on the west coast  and Shetland. Mick loves travelling abroad – and in particular to Arctic Scandinavia. A long stint there in the summer followed by trips to Finland, Lapland and Varanger in winter conditions culminated in him being awarded a highly coveted Fellowship by the Royal Photographic Society in 2013. A couple of years later he was invited to join the Natural History Distinctions panel and he now the current Chair of the panel.

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