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Surrey Hills Area of Outstanding Beauty (AONB) covers a quarter of the county of Surrey. The AONB was designated for conservation due to its significant landscape value in 1958 and enjoys levels of protection from development.

The woodland at Leith Hill is awash with primroses and bluebells every spring and should provide several species of butterflies and other insects.

There are a wide variety of birds living in the woodlands and heathland. Buzzards and red kites are often seen high in the sky. Goshawks are also thought to breed in the woods on the hill, but they are very secretive birds so spotting one is particularly difficult.

The heathland on Duke’s Warren is home to ground-nesting birds such as the nightjar and woodlark. Nightjars arrive on the heath, usually in April and normally leave in August once they have reared their young.

There will be the options of a walk around the area which can be varying lengths up to 8km but this can be cut short. There will be lots of opportunity for landscape, birds and general wildlife photography. The route takes you from Leith Hill Car park to the Tower and along the Tilling Spring to the Tillings Waterfall and then back to the car park.
The tower on Leith Hill was built in 1765 by Richard Hull, who called it Prospect House. The top of the tower is the highest point in Southern England at 1029 feet and offers a spectacular views over the surrounding countryside which takes in 14 counties.
If you prefer to stay in the area nearer to the car park and concentrate on macrophotography then this is also possible.
There is a  Cafe in the Tower that opens at 11am though no guarantee for the day of our visit!

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