RPS Travel Group Spring Weekend Annual Dinner & AGM

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While we very much hope that you will come and join in for the whole weekend, there may be some who can only manage one day. If that's you, please email the organiser to arrange payment.

See the bottom of this page for details of our main speakers.


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Robert Akester LRPS


Cancellation policy

Notice of Cancellation - Transfers between events will not be permitted. If you cannot make the date of the event you will be refunded the full amount minus a £1.50 administration fee, which covers bank charges and postage. You will then need to book for the event you require. If you wish to cancel within 4 weeks of the date of the event no refunds will be given. The Society reserves the right to cancel an event 7 days prior to its start date - please check your hotel and travel cancellation policy as this may be affected.


RPS House

337-340 Paintworks



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Will Cheung FRPS

In my talks I take the audience through my techniques - camera and visual- for taking pictures to be proud of. My approach to travel photography is a typically realistic one for a working person so a mix of business trips and group photography holidays and it is learning how to shoot within - and enjoy - the limitations of such trips. So, for example, I am not always at great locations in the best light nor do I have time to linger for hours waiting for aray of sunlight. Often it’s about making do - and still getting great pictures.


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Our photographic journey

Two photographers, two takes on the world. Husband and wife team,

Sue O'Connell FIPF, ARPS and Peter Brisley ARPS are inveterate travellers, never happier than camping with Tuareg in the Sahara, trekking in the Empty Quarter or sharing a ger with Eagle Hunters in Mongolia. They will show a range oftheir work and discuss their individual approaches as well as telling the stories behind some of their award winning images.

Their work has appeared widely in the photographic press and hasbeen exhibited at RPS HQ, the Royal Geographical Society and Photokina,Germany.

They have regularly received awards in competitions including National Geographic Traveller, Travel Photographer of the Year, and Wanderlust Travel Photo of the Year, as well as in numerous international salons.

A link to Sue's website is below and Peter's is here.


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