RPS Visual Art Group 2020 AGM

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The Visual Art Group AGM, set for 24th April 2020, was postponed under Covid-19 restrictions.

Because of the continuing situation and the constraints it puts upon us the VAG committee have looked at alternative ways in which to conduct the AGM. We now have a format that we can adopt whereby the information that we as a committee would normally have presented to you can be exchanged remotely.

With this letter I attach papers for the Annual General Meeting. Normally members would attend the meeting, make comments and expect to have questions answered. We want to facilitate that remotely and on a timetable which allows you to see the outcome before needing to vote.

The current members of the committee are:

  • Andreas Klatt ARPS - Chairman
  • Andrew Leeming LRPS - Treasurer and Tyng Coordinator
  • John Cavana ARPS - Secretary
  • David Wood ARPS - Vice Chairman
  • Mark Deutsch LRPS - Membership Secretary
  • Michael Butterworth LRPS - Group Web Editor
  • Gill Dishart ARPS - Circles Secretary
  • Wendy Meagher LRPS - Exhibition Lead
  • Robert Herringshaw ARPS - Exhibition Co-ordinator (co-opted)

In accordance with our constitution the committee is newly elected at each AGM. All presently serving members will offer themselves for re-election. However, as three previous committee members - Eddie Moreton, Paul Mitchell and Janie Chapman - have already stood down, there will eventually be a need to restore the committee to full strength.

Should you wish to stand for election for any of the committee positions, or nominate others, you may do so with the attached Nomination Form.

I have included a pack of papers for the AGM, which will facilitate your comments and any, questions you may have, and then voting by proxy. These are (including some originally prepared for the postponed AGM):

Between now and 1st September 2020 you are invited to consult with the Committee and raise any comments or questions on the papers provided. Please send these to my email address: visualartsec@rps.org, I will then share them with the VAG committee officers.

By 7th September 2020 it is intended that all comments and questions, with answers, will be provided back to you. At that time, I will forward you a Proxy Voting Form and votes will be requested.

By 14th September 2020 members should submit their proxy voting forms. The first resolution on the agenda asks members to approve this method of holding the AGM, thus validating the remaining proceedings.

On or about 15th September 2020 the officers will collate and agree the proxy voting numbers, and the results of the meeting will be announced.

This is neither normal nor ideal, but we are faced with the necessity of somehow holding an AGM. I hope you will accept this way of moving forwards.

Only the email address visualartsec@rps.org should be used for any communications regarding the AGM.

Thank you for your support.


Event Organiser

Andreas Klatt ARPS



RPS Visual Art Group

Kingspring House

Vicarage Lane

Long Compton

CV36 5LH