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VAN show and tell

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An evening of images from three different photo walks from the Visual Art North (VAN) group.

The Glass Museum in Sunderland was an impressive display of handmade glass as you could imagine, and from within the working glass blowing studio we came away hot and fired up from the burning hot furnaces.

The next Visual Art photo walk was a stroll in the park, well an organised horticulture of wonderful colour, with a trip to RHS Harlow Carr in Harrogate. Looking forward to some splendid and colourful flora.

Last but not least, the Yorkshire Region took in the Promenade and Piers of Blackpool. With an interesting tour around the backstreet markets, then on the front promenade and some street photography. Fun and frolics plentiful.

Each category will show images presented from photographers on the day and we welcome discussion.




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