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Peterborough Cathedral Tower Tour

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This event has been cancelled due to the current COVID 19 outbreak


The event will be guided by Peterborough Cathedral staff.  It is an opportunity to explore the inside of Peterborough Cathedral from above, with fabulous views of the Cathedral interior along the triforium level, above the Apse Chapel and transepts. We will then continue up inside the central tower and outside onto the top of the tower for views of the city and beyond. Descent is via the stairs in the North West Tower into the Ringing Chamber to view the medieval windlass and go into the roof gables.  The Library is also included in this tour.

This is a dedicated tour for the RPS with a duration of 3hours.

Given steep and narrow spiral staircases, plus the odd medieval beam to negotiate and the absence of hand rails in one section of the ascent, visitors need to have a certain level of stamina, fitness and a forgiveness for ancient buildings. As part of our insurance undertakings we ask each person going up the tower to read, agree and sign a disclaimer.  Without it we cannot take you up.  Large rucksacks or bags are not allowed on tower tours.  We will provide a safe storage location. 

You will need both hands free to climb the staircases so cameras must be either in a small bag or attached to you with a strap.

Price £17.00 for RPS members

Price £22.00 for non members

The group will be limited to 13 people.  The Cathedral insurance places age limits of over 8 and under 80 years of age for this tour.

The tour will start at 12:45 prompt with a duration of 3 hours.  Final details i.e meeting point, person etc will be sent to attendees two weeks before the event.

This event is organised by the East Anglian Region and is supported by the Archaeology & Heritage Group.  Read RPS Heritage Photography here

Event Organiser

Jonathan Vaines


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Cancellation policy

The Cathedral reserves the right to cancel any bookings due to unexpected circumstances or extreme weather conditions. In this unlikely event, an alternative date or a full refund will be offered.  No refunds will be offered if attendees make a cancellation due to the group booking.


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