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Frontiers Project

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We’re launching a collaborative project involving several RPS UK Regions and Special Interest Groups. We want to engage with the RPS and fellow photographers on a photography project.

The project is called “Frontiers” because it should serve to explore often overlooked subjects, to look at geographical boundaries and also help overcome personal boundaries.

The topic is the photographic exploration of peri-urban areas, often also called “edgelands” or “fringelands”. These are the transition zones between urban areas and the natural environment. For further information on the theme, please use the links below.

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To be part of this element of the project you must be a member of the RPS East Anglian Region and register by booking a free ticket.  This will place you on the list of photographers submitting work.  We may need to cap the submissions so please book your place now.  By booking you are committing to the production of the images along with the statement of intent for submission in to the final RPS body of work. 

Open to RPS East Anglian members only.  Note if you are not in the EA Region then many other Regions are running the same Project, so please use your local contact for entry details.


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Jonathan Vaines




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