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Online Talk with Rick Whitacre

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Rick Whitacre - 15th September, 7pm IST

Rick is a highly accomplished American astro-landscape photographer whose stunning work has been featured globally including at the Yosemite Museum in Yosemite National Park and the Royal Observatory Greenwich in London. Astro-landscape photography is the art of combining images of the night sky with earth-based foregrounds to create unique and compelling images.

Living in California, his passion is to create images that grab the viewer’s eye and compel them to explore the photographs in more detail, conveying the awe and inspiration he feels. 

Rick's exploration of night photography has taken him from star circles to images of the Milky Way and on to chasing meteors, comets, aurora and eclipses.

The discussion will include equipment and software requirements for successful astro-landscape photography and Rick will also talk about some of his favorite lenses and accessories.

We hope you will join us and be ready for where the next comet arrives!

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