London Street 6X4

London:Street December 2020 Photowalk

Event info

Provided there are no further set-back with the Covid-19 Pandemic, the London Region Volunteers are pleased to continue with our programme of Photowalks and we intend to offer a Street Walk on this day with just eight attendees.

Details to be confirmed but bookings will open on September 1st via the link above!  Please put your name down if you are interested.


All details to be confirmed.

More information:

To be confirmed

To sign up:

Sign up for the event by following the link to Eventbrite above.    There will be a maximum of eight photographers and two volunteer leaders.

Special Information:

We are very much looking forward to picking up our programme of photowalks again and to catching up with you: it has been a long time!  We do however have to add some special notes below:

The walk leaders will be following safe practices in line with social distancing guidance and will require participants to do the same. 

In addition to the usual reminders about wearing sensible shoes and being prepared for the weather (be it hot or cold, wet or dry!), please remember face coverings (for public transport and any time spent in shops or stores) and hand sanitisers.  Also most retailers are no longer accepting cash, so make sure you have a contactless payment card with you.

Should government advice change and local lockdowns occur, for example, causing us to cancel the event, we will contact you as soon as we can.  However, please keep alert for any potential changes and contact us if you have doubts as to whether the walk will run as planned, or not.


Event Organiser

Norman Smith


Cancellation policy

This event is free, but numbers are limited. If you have booked a place and find you are unable to come, please e-mail the even organizer so that someone on the waiting list can have your place.


Venue to be confirmed