Gasholder Park

London:Urban Exploration - St Pancras & Granary Square

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THE MEETING POINT IS:  Main Entrance to St Pancras from Pancras Road AT 11:00am. It is at street/surface level, opposite the German Gymnasium, across the road in sight of the Bird Cage & Swing – between points 26a and 28a on the map – follow this link

We can take in the gothic splendour of St Pancras Hotel and some of its interesting historical and architectural features.  Did you know it was once scheduled for demolition? Sir John Betjeman helped save it. Before its renovation the Spice Girls shot one of their videos inside and it was used for a few scenes in a Batman movie….

There has been much regeneration and gentrification along Pancras Road and the King’s Boulevard. Crossing over the Regent’s Canal, we find Granary Square, fountains, UAL and Coal Drops Yard.

We can explore a little further to the west at Gasholder Park and Regents Canal at St Pancras Basin.

You may wish to continue along the further along the towpath towards Camden or return to Granary Square - some of us will make retrace our steps back Pancras Square for lunch or refreshments.   A visit to Platform 9 ¾ in King’s Cross Station is also an option ….

Transport options -

St Pancras and King’s Cross Stations both offer main line, local and international train travel (handy if you are going to Paris for dinner), Kings Cross St Pancras Underground station has 6 tube lines and many buses are available at street level.


Cancellation policy

This event is free but if you do book a place and are then unable to come, please let us know so that someone on the Waiting List may take your place.


St Pancras Station for London Urban Meetup

Opposite the German Gymnasium - see map on page below

near the Main Entrance from Pancras Road