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London Landscape ONLINE Review of Images Taken 2021 Q4

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If you attending any one of the five events which we held between September and December 2021 at Westminster, Reculver, Limehouse, Epping Forest and/or the Thames Barrier, you are invited to submit up to 8 images at an ONLINE picture sharing/review session on 22nd January.  The images can be from any one event or from a selection of events you have attended.

Following the image sharing/review, we will have a discussion about future events. We are always looking for possible venues, so if you come across some ideal spots in London or within an hour and a half of Central London by train or car, please let Julian know.

If you haven't been to one of the events or indeed if you have been but don't have any pictures to share, you are welcome to come along as an observer.


Event Organiser

Julian Rouse


Cancellation policy

Please let us know if you book and place and are then unable to attend.



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