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The Magnificent Seven Plus One: A New London Region Project

Event info

The Magnificent Seven plus One! A New Project Starting 1st November 2021 and running until 31st March 2023


London's Magnificent Seven is a collection of grand Victorian cemeteries, scattered around the city. With tombs the size of small houses, they can feel like their own (ghost) towns. From lion tamers, to exploding coffins, to three policemen buried in one grave, these cemeteries have some fascinating (and altogether bizarre) stories to tell.


To photograph these Cemeteries throughout the year showing the changing seasons, the different atmosphere created by different weather conditions, the wildlife which lives there and the people, who use them as places for quiet rest and relaxation and as thoroughfares – not to forget the extraordinary, the famous, the not-so-famous and the frankly bizarre!

We will particularly be looking for creative approaches. We are looking for photographers (individually or a small group) to set their own mini-projects within the overall project such as: - across the seasons; a particular aspect of one or more locations; the architecture or design of monuments; people in the cemeteries; wildlffe etc.

Project duration:

12 months - 1 November 2021 to 31st October 2022 - but you can join and leave at any time!


The cemeteries are located in a ring around London. They are:

  • Highgate
  • Abney
  • Tower Hamlets
  • Nunhead
  • West Norwood
  • Brompton
  • Kensal Green
  • Bookwood Cemetery (in Surrey - also known as the London Necropolis)

Project Organisation

Each location listed above will have a Co-Ordinator (or Co-ordinators), whose role will be to arrange some meet-ups and make sure that the location is photographed. We already have volunteers for all but Nunhead and West Norwood - so please come forward if you are particularly interested in either of those and prepared to lend a hand.

We will have monthly reviews and meetups (possibly online) to share progress and make sure we come together as a team


A book or books, maybe exhibition/s at each location. Some locations (e.g. Highgate) sell postcards, leaflets and books: these and other ideas all open for discussion.


  • To meet up, explore and take photos with other photographers
  • To photograph on your own, in your own time, when it suits you
  • To have your work in a book or books, maybe an exhibition
  • To learn new skills by taking part.


Event Organiser

London Regional Organiser - David



To be confirmed