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A Personal Approach to Landscape Photography, by Glyn Davies

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A Personal Approach to Landscape Photography, with Glyn Davies BA(Hons)


About the talk:

Award-winning professional photographer & gallery owner, Glyn Davies BA(Hons), will talk about his personal approach to landscape photography after four decades in the profession. He will also introduce us to his major exhibition project “Landscape Figures” which explores the idea of spiritual connection between vulnerable organic figures and often rugged wild landscapes. This resulted in his fifth published book.

After the talk there will be time for Questions & Answers, followed by a book signing session where you can purchase signed copies of Glyn's books.

We'll also hold a raffle - Glyn is donating three different books (“Anglesey Landscapes Vol.2”;  “Nant Gwrtheyrn” Y Swyngyfaredd (The Enchantment); and "Welsh Light”) as raffle prizes.

Note: Some images shown during the talk contain aesthetic nudity.


About Glyn Davies:

Full time professional photographer Glyn Davies, BA(Hons) began his professional career almost four decades ago. Starting out drawing & painting within a family of fine-artists, in 1983 Glyn enrolled on an art foundation course at the Falmouth School of Art in his rural Cornish homeland, followed by an Honours Degree in Photography & Television at the University of Westminster. After graduating Glyn shot commercial, industrial & portrait work for private clients and national organisations but he always retained a passion for photographing wild places, a passion that grew from his immersion in nature nurtured by his family's love of the great outdoors. 
His love of landscape and solitude, the drama of light and weather over terrain, is a spiritual inspiration for Glyn. The rapid changes and transitionary views leave him euphoric. "It’s as if nature is sharing something of itself to me personally at that precise moment, as no one else will ever see the exact same interplay of light over land. I feel so humbled by wild landscape and the elements and I find myself needing to try and relate my feelings afterwards. I do this through carefully balanced compositions and immaculate printing, portraying as clearly as possible what I’d experienced out in nature" 
Between the early 90s and 2005 Glyn worked part time as a photo-tutor at Bangor University. In 2002 he established his photographic gallery on the Isle of Anglesey where he was able to concentrate on his personal landscape work. Initially it was a big gamble considering the very real and demanding costs of owning retail premises, but thankfully after so many years, customers now seek him out and travel long distances to get to his gallery. He has been able to give up all commercial photography and concentrate entirely on selling high quality archival prints of his photo artworks. 
Glyn has been featured frequently on TV and radio programs, most recently on ITV’s “The Island Strait” series, which presented a year in his professional life around the unique locality of the Menai Strait, the stretch of seawater that separates Anglesey from mainland Wales. He is currently in talks with a major broadcaster about creating a TV series of his own.
Interviews about his work have appeared in numerous magazines and publications over the decades but he’s particularly pleased to have published five books of his work, two of which, "Anglesey Landscapes" Volumes 1 & 2 were bought by the Prime Minister as a Royal wedding gift for Prince William and Catherine Middleton. He has won numerous national and international awards for his landscape images but also more recently for his nudes-in-landscape work.
He was an advanced B&W printer in darkroom days but even though everything is now shot digitally he remains a print perfectionist and 'sees' the print even when he's making the exposure. In nearly forty years Glyn has rarely cropped his images, so what you see in print is exactly what he composed in camera. This may well be the result of using Blads and 5x4" in his early years of training, where the focussing screens allowed you to see compositions rather than looking 'through' a lens. With his landscape work he keeps digital editing to an absolute minimum, but has enjoyed more freedom with the 'Landscape Figures' project. 
“Landscape Figures” is his latest book, resulting from a long-term major exhibition project that started in 2011, exploring the relationship between the fragile human form and notional 'wild’ landscapes.
Awards & TV work since 2017:
2019 Shortlisted for the British Photography Awards / Architecture category
2019 SUN 31 (Shot up North Awards) – 3 of 50 of the total winning entries
2019 International Black & White Spider Awards - 4 Nominations & an Honourable Mention
2019 ARTE TV ‘Islands of the Queen’ – (Germany/France) featuring my photographic work & my rock climbing
2018 International Black & White Spider Awards - 5 Nominations & an Honourable Mention
2018 ITV TV Series 'The Island Strait' – showing my life & work over a year alongside this coastline
2018 ITV Wales TV Series 'The Strait' – showing my life & work over a year alongside this coastline
2017 SUN 29 (Shot up North Awards) – 3 of 50 of the total winning entries inc. a MERIT
2017 International Black & White Spider Awards - 5 Nominations
2017 (10th) International COLOUR Awards - 16 Nominations & 3 Honourable Mentions
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