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With a View to North Wales (I) - a talk by Ethan Beswick

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This is the first talk in a short series of presentations by photographers making work in and about Wales.

Ethan Beswick is a photographic artist, currently based in North Wales, and a member of The North Wales Project.

In this talk, Ethan seeks to explore how to find narrative in your immediate surroundings and collate images to form a responding body of work. Using visual language to communicate themes and ideologies to demonstrate methods of presenting work, Ethan will discuss his personal influences and projects, whilst also inviting participants who opt to do so to join in on an interactive element. 

For more info on the interactive part and on how to participate please scroll down towards the end of this web post. You must choose between spectator or active participant before you book.

This talk is free of charge for listeners/observers, but we're very grateful for donations which we will use to pay the speaker a modest fee.


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The Projects:

The Fruit Bar Line:

For the last five years, Ethan Beswick has been photographing throughout Wales, compiling a melodious, if ambiguous, response to the Welsh Landscape. Beswick presents unexpected tranquillity and cognitive dissonance to suggest a sense of simultaneous repulsion and affection to the place.

Ultimately, The Fruit Bar Line is an introspective contemplation on Wales, on the people who inhabit it, and on the mechanics of belonging, inadequacy, and desire.




"A meeting in a pub led to a long discussion with Peter Sibley about his life in the Royal Navy. He told me how he had meticulously photographed, and narrativised his life. Eager to hear more of his stories, I kept in touch with Peter, and two years later, he gifted me his entire archive." Ethan Beswick 

Vemödalen is a series of images merging photographs made by both Beswick and Sibley drawing comparisons between the pair, despite being two generations apart. Nodding to Jungian theory, Beswick shows how within the apparent randomness of humanity, the emergence of repetition and underlying patterns can be found.



Mirari, meaning a mirage, wonder or amazement, documents the effects that the emergence of an oil-rich economy in Qatar has had on the State’s culture and national identity. The recent discovery of oil has caused rapid financial growth, accelerating Qatar to the richest country per capita in the world. Qatar has become a simulacrum. 

Mirari investigates how power structures define public spaces, and questions our perceptions of reality and the surreal.




The landscape and its occupiers are intrinsically linked. Our surroundings, both built and natural act as a framework from which we construct our social identity. This relationship between the environment and the people within is the primary focus of Ethan Beswick’s practice. Prior to studying Photojournalism at Swansea College of Art, Beswick trained as a quantity surveyor, which has given him a unique insight into the built environment, architecture, and the impact of materials and processes used to sculpt the world we live in. This fascination inspires the drive to delve deeper into the psychological consequences of urbanisation and globalisation.

All images © Ethan Beswick


The interactive part (UK residents only):

Ethan will give active participants a simple brief to shoot one picture in their home, either during or up to 48 hours after the talk. He will then collate the digital images and produce a printed booklet or zine which will be mailed to the active  participants. An electronic copy of the booklet will be emailed to all attendees of the talk.

By booking as an interactive participant you give consent for your picture to be reproduced in print and electronic form for the purpose of this booklet/zine only. The copyright stays with the creator of the photograph. All images will be deleted after the production of the zine.

The ticket costs cover the printing and P&P (hence UK residents only).


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