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Creative Decisions with Dan Burkholder

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Making the Image your Own with Creative Decisions - Dan Burkholder

Anyone can learn the tools of Photoshop, Lightroom and iPhone apps. The challenge is developing a personal set of creative decisions — from shutter-release to final, fine-art print — that will not only bring visual intrigue to your image but brand your photos with your distinctive style.

Dan teaches with a no-secrets style and will share the decision-making process he uses on his stylized landscapes and pictorial images. With solid, meat-and-potatoes information and no geek-talk, you’ll grasp new approaches that will make your images match your imagination.

Dan thrives on your questions during the class so don’t hesitate to ask about anything!

About Dan Burkholder

Dan Burkholder is known for looking over photography’s horizon to discover, invent, teach and exhibit new ways of capturing and expressing the photographic image. In the early 1990’s Dan wrote the groundbreaking book Making Digital Negatives for Contact Printing, opening doors for legions of image-makers wishing to combine the precision of digital imaging with the warmth and charm of the handmade print. After Hurricane Katrina ravaged the Gulf Coast in 2005, Burkholder recorded the chaos of post-Katrina New Orleans in his poignant monograph, The Color of Loss, the first coffee table book photographed entirely with high dynamic range (HDR) techniques. In 2012, Burkholder led the mobile photography revolution with his forward-looking book iPhone Artistry.
Dan earned his BA and Master’s degrees in Photography from Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara, California. His platinum/palladium and pigmented ink prints are included in private and public collections internationally. Dan’s web site is www.danburkholder.com.

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