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Keron Psillas Oliveira is a photographer, writer, instructor and mentor, with an extensive background in the print and publishing industry. Raised in Shepherdstown, West Virginia, where after nearly two decades in the printing and publishing industry, Keron became a professional photographer in 2006.

Keron will speak about two bodies of work. Loss and Beauty, seeking solace in a land of infinite sorrow explores her response to the horror we know as the Holocaust. Using original composites, she has created images that speak to personal history with an aesthetic and factual point of view. Cavalo Lusitano, The Spirit Within, is a platinum-palladium entirely hand-crafted fine press edition of her work with Lusitano horses on three continents over 15 years.

Keron's published works include the highly acclaimed Forty Years Later, Meditation for Two, The Alchemy of Lightness, and Dressage for the New Age, with long-time collaborator Dominique Barbier. She self-published Four Days in Havana and Loss and Beauty; creating solace in a land of infinite sorrow.

Loss and Beauty; creating solace in a land of infinite sorrow, puts composites of her original photographs in conversation to illuminate the personal journeys of victims of the unspeakable horror that was the Holocaust. Having dedicated five years to completing the first part of Loss and Beauty, Keron is now fully engaged in the next phase of the project. Beginning in April of 2019, she traveled further into Eastern Europe to create images and essays that depict the plight of the inhabitants there from 1939-1942. This time period has become known as The Holocaust by Bullets. As always, she seeks to create solace in the face of darkness and sorrow.

Loss and Beauty won the prestigious Best of Show award for Photobook 2015. It was recognized by Karen Davis and Paula Tognarelli of Davis Orton Gallery and The Griffin Museum of Photography, respectively, as an exemplary photo essay and a finely crafted book. In 2019, Loss and Beauty received two Honorable Mentions in the International Photography Awards for fine art book and self-published book.. Keron has confirmation now that the full exhibition will be shown internationally, beginning Spring of 2022. 

Keron released Cavalo Lusitano: The Spirit Within, in November of 2018 from Veritas Editions. It has already garnered important awards, including being an Rfoto Folio Selection for 2019 and Best in Show for Light Sensitive 2020 at Art Intersection. This hand-crafted, fine art, museum book and portfolio includes work gleaned from 12 years of photographing the Lusitano horses in Portugal, Brasil, and the United States. Renowned for producing work of exquisite detail and quality, Veritas brings to Cavalo Lusitano the collaborative vision and skill of Marquand Editions’ Tieton Press to express the nobility of the Lusitano. Veritas is collaborating with master printer Stan Klimek to bring the fullness of Keron’s images to the limited edition, platinum/palladium prints included in this masterpiece. Handmade papers, a custom walnut case, and letter-press printing complete the vision for Cavalo Lusitano: The Spirit Within. Cavalo Lusitano: The Spirit Within is part of the Library of Congress’ Special Collection, The Getty Museum Special Collection, and The Equestrian Library at the Palacio Nacional in Queluz, Portugal, as well as private rare book collections in the US and Europe. 

Keron makes her home in the Ribatejo region of Portugal among her beloved Lusitano horses.

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