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South East Region – Wildlife Photography - Birds of Prey

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Huxley’s is a small independent collection of owls, hawks, falcons and raptors from all over the world. We visit when the centre is closed to the public and after meeting with coffee or tea will start with a talk from Julian Ford, founder and owner, on falcons in the wild and in sport and hunting through history. He will then discuss how a private collection contributes to rescue, rehabilitation, and conservation.

The rest of the morning is spent photographing different birds on natural perches, against a plain background. The group size is limited to ensure everyone has plenty of time with each bird.

At 12.30 (approximately) we break for lunch. No refreshments are available on site, although there is an excellent café (not included in the price), about 50yards away at the garden centre on the same site.

In the afternoon we will discuss the techniques and problems of photographing birds in flight, before travelling to open farmland, where several birds will be flown for us for the remainder of the day.

All birds must have restraining jesses on their legs, which will be concealed as much as possible on perches. The selection of birds must be decided by Huxley’s handlers, but hopefully can include slower flying birds as well as those more challenging.

This workshop is designed for photographers with no previous experience of birds of prey, as well as the more experienced. A DSLR or mirrorless camera is ideal, with a medium telephoto lens of 200-400mm (equivalent). Bring spare batteries and memory cards, and a tripod may be useful especially in the morning session.

The Centre is located on the A281 (Brighton Road) just south of Horsham, and accessed through Hillier’s Garden Centre.  We will be outside for most of the day, so wear appropriate clothes

Organiser: Paul Stillman


Event Organiser

Paul Stillman


Venue Information

Venue os Accessed through Hilliers Garden Centre.

A281 (Brighton Road) Just south of Horsham

Cancellation policy
Where participants are obliged to cancel their participation in a particular workshop, RPS South East Region may offer the following refunds:
Cancellation, more than four weeks before the event or workshop - Full refund.
Cancellation, less than four weeks before the event or workshop - No refund is possible, although contacting the workshop organiser immediately may enable the place to be transferred to someone else if the demand is present.

Huxley's Bird of Prey Centre

Brighton Road


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