Glass House and Abstract Photography

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We are sorry but we have had to cancel this event due to the Corona Virus outbreak.

We hope to re-arrange Workshops as soon as possible once the Virus situation is over.

Glass House and Abstract Photography, led by Nigel Chapman, uses the background of RHS Wisley’s Glass House to help you learn how to capture the essence of the exotic plants and trees in a unique style. Nigel is an RHS award winning photographer concentrating on macro images and the intimate landscape. In particular he will show how to find and emphasise the simplicity in composition within an apparent welter of shapes and colours all demanding your attention as well as demonstrating how to accentuate nature’s designs and tease the imagination


Nigel Chapman

Nigel concentrates on natural history and botanical subjects particularly macro images and the intimate landscape, He was the Royal Horticultural Society Photographer of the Year in 2005 and was awarded gold medals at the RHS Autumn Exhibitions in 2006, 2008, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2014 and 2018.


The Glass House environment

For those who have not visited the Glass house at Wisley you should be aware of the hot and humid conditions reproduced to support the tropical plant life that flourishes here. Therefore do dress in such a manner that you can remove layers of clothing to avoid overheating.

Photographic equipment

Any camera with a standard zoom would be suitable although a macro lens would also be useful. Tripods are not encouraged by the RHS and the workshop will be run assuming that they are not used.

Important Location Information

The workshop will start with introductions and objectives at 09.30 in the Glass House Café shown as #4 in the RHS Wisley garden plan linked to from here.

The ticket price does not include entry into RHS Gardens, Wisley nor refreshments. The ticket price is targeted to reflect these elements. You should bring your own refreshments or purchase them from one of the several on-site cafes or restaurants.

Event Organiser

Roger Crocombe ARPS


Venue Information

Disabled parking and various cafes available.

Cancellation policy
Where participants are obliged to cancel their participation in a particular workshop, RPS South East Region may offer the following refunds:
Cancellation, more than four weeks before the event or workshop - Full refund.
Cancellation, less than four weeks before the event or workshop - No refund is possible, although contacting the workshop organiser immediately may enable the place to be transferred to someone else if the demand is present.

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