Flowers and Photoshop Creative Photography Series 6 Part 3

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Using prepared examples and “Recipe Cards” Celia Henderson LRPS, a Flower photography fanatic and distance teaching specialist has adapted her face to face workshops to work in a Zoom based distance teaching environment. Following on from the successful modules 1-6, we are offering three additional modules as a single programme, each module focuses on specific functions or topics and is delivered through three mini 75 minute  workshops. The price is for all three modules and includes materials and sample images, as well as access to the Zoom recordings of each session to enable you to go through the material at your own pace.

Photoshop is a very flexible and powerful application, seen as the gold standard for creative photographers for over twenty years. At first sight it can be overwhelming and impenetrable. Using prepared examples and “Recipe Cards” Celia Henderson LRPS, a Flower photography specialist who teaches Office applications using distance teaching methods has adapted her face to face workshops to work in a Zoom based distance teaching environment.

Photoshop is a wonderful workspace for creativity.  In order to get the best from this application you need to join a workshop that is right for you and targeted at your level of experience and expertise.  You need to make sure you have the fundamental skills in order to master the more advanced concepts. 

The project examples used in our workshops are from our Flower Photography workshops, however, the skills and topics are transferable to all genres of creative photography.


Module 7:  Pictures to Paintings

Workshop 7.1: Chinese paintings, oils or watercolours usually start with a sketch.  Using a photograph as the base, this module will use the Photoshop tools to create sketches by tracing and applying appropriate filters, work with brushes, pens and pencils to enable those of us who can’t even draw a stickman to build up a line drawing.

Workshop 7.2 Paintings require a colour palette, textures for base painting and effects and special brushes. In this workshop we collect and make the resources – brushes, Colour Index Tables to create swatches, textures and filters

Workshop 7.3  Building it up and putting it together.  Painting, blending, smudging, colour wash, layer upon layer, all developing your Photoshop skills as you build a painting from the line drawing image through to the finished painting.


Module 8:  Professional Posters

Staying with the floral theme we will use the intent of a well presented, professional poster to extend your Photoshop skills working with advanced text tools, 3D text, composites and gradients and channels for the more tricky selections.

Workshop 8.1: Typography –  text on a path using the Pen tool, Vertical and horizontal text, text masks.  We revisit glyphs and swashes from previous modules.

Workshop 8.2 An introduction to 3D Text - making and introducing shadows, fill methods, blends, patterns and layer styles

Workshop 8.3 Building it up and putting the poster together – white space, gradient masks and gradient overlays, blend if, use of channels for tricky selections.


Module 9: The Perfect Still life

This module looks at the Photoshop Workflow- from capture to masterpiece

Workshop 9.1: Using the RAW converter in Photoshop.  An overview of colour management – colour spaces, colour modes, ICC profiles and how they work together (or don’t!) and how LAB can help.

Workshop 9.2 Turning an average shot into something that looks like a professional studio masterpiece – lighting filters, subtle reflections.

Workshop 9.3 Printing from Photoshop – printing it at home, sending to an online printer, preparing for the web and other outputs.


Celia Henderson LRPS

Between 2009 and 2013 Celia worked with Sony as one of their Advocate Photographers and ran workshops and presented lectures on flower photography at the 2012 Sony World Photography Awards in Somerset House, London, the Edinburgh University Photographic Society and demonstrated the Sony Alpha camera range over several years at “Focus on Imaging” show at the NEC Birmingham and at RHS Wisley.  Celia is an IT Lecturer and has combined her love of photography with that of teaching to deliver workshops where you will be inspired, motivated, entertained and shown techniques and tools that will provide you with the skills for the Art of Flower Photography.


Each Module in the series will be structured in the same way and run as three modules over a week as follows:

Workshop 1 runs on a Sunday starting at 10.00

Workshop 2 runs on a Tuesday starting at 10.00

Workshop 3 runs on a Thursday starting at 10.00

Materials and Zoom invitations are sent out prior to each Module to enable participants to load and review the contents.


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