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The South East Region is hosting an online Advisory Day for the Licentiate level (LRPS) on Friday 2nd July 2021.  Advice will be on the layout of the print panel and images for screen.

This web page is for RPS members and non-members attending as spectators. If you wish to submit work for advice, please go to the Related events at the foot of this page.

Observing an online advisory day is a very good way to learn about the distinctions process and to see the advice given.

What is an Advisory Day?

Members and non-members can get advice on their body of work before applying for the Distinction or attend as a spectator to learn about the Distinctions process and see examples of successful and unsuccessful panels.

Working for a Distinction takes you on a personal journey that will improve your technical skills, develop your creativity, and broaden your understanding of photography.  Find out more about the Distinctions process here.

Who are the Advisors?

 Stewart Wall ARPS


As this is an online event, all images will be (re)viewed digitally. The advisor will give feedback on the intended print submissions against the criteria for the Licentiateship distinction, but obviously cannot comment on the print quality.

To attend the event, you will need to download and install Zoom. A link to join the event will be emailed prior to the event. Please do not share the link with anyone. The number of attendees is strictly limited to 6 participants and 30 observers.

Please do not bring any of your own images to the Zoom event on the off chance that you can receive advice. Only panels which have been pre-booked will be assessed.


You may be interested in the very active Distinctions Facebook page, which contains comments and examples - both successful and unsuccessful - from all levels of applicants.

RPS Distinctions **Official Group**.


Event Organiser

Melanie Chalk


Cancellation policy

Where participants are obliged to cancel their participation in a particular workshop, RPS South East Region may offer the following refunds:

Cancellation, more than four weeks before the event or workshop - Full refund.

Cancellation, less than four weeks before the event or workshop  -  No refund is possible, although contacting the workshop organiser immediately may enable the place to be transferred to someone else if the demand is present.



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Online Advisory Day

The South East Region is hosting an online Advisory Days for the Licentiate level (LRPS) on Friday 2nd July. Advice will be given for print panels and images for screen.

This event is for RPS members and non-members attending for advice. If you wish to attend as a spectator, please click here. 

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