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RPS South East AGM 2021

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2021 RPS South East Region AGM

The last AGM for the SE region was in February 2020. The original date for this meeting was to be February 2021, but due to multiple changes on the committee, this AGM, which we are calling the 2021 AGM is being held online on Sunday 19th September at 1000.

We do not expect the AGM to take very long, depending on questions of course, so to keep your interest we have 2 speakers:

Stewart Wall, well known within the RPS as the Regional Organiser for East Midlands and a RPS distinctions panel member.

Andrew Page, is the founder and CEO of Positive View and has a very interesting background, he will tell us about his work in helping to transform young lives through Photography.

Stewart has also curated our online exhibition and will presenting his choices at the end of the day and announcing the overall winner.


1. Welcome and apologies

2. Minutes from AGM 2020/02

3. Finance Report

4. Regional Organiser report

5. Election or approval of officers

6. Any Other Business

7. Shooting Hyper-Local: a talk by Stewart Wall, MA ARPS PGCE

8. The Power of Photography:Transforming young lives: a talk by Andrew Page, CEO and founder of Positive View

9. Stewart Wall’s choices from our online exhibition - (click here to view online)

10. Close


The AGM took place very successfully and here are some downloads you can view

  1. Notes on the 2021 AGM
  2. Links from Stewart and Andrew
  3. Stewart's chosen images from the online exhibition






Event Organiser

John Gough




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