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Advanced Flowers and Photoshop Series 2

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This course continues the theme set by Celia Henderson. It is suitable for those who have previously attended Photoshop for the Creative Flower Photographer and anyone who is looking to develop their Photoshop skills well beyond the basics. It is also suitable for those seeking a creativity boost whilst learning more about the tools for different types of composite. Although flowers are the central theme, the skills learned are applicable to all genres of photography.

What you should already know:

Anyone who has already attended Photoshop for the Creative Flower Photographer or those with a solid understanding of Photoshop layers, selections, masks, blend modes and basic understanding of Photoshop Tools.

What is provided:

  • Recipe Cards (step by step guides)
  • Image(s) for you to use in the work along workshops
  • Downloadable video recording of each workshop

What will you learn:

1: The tools and techniques to create composite

2: Composites that are impressionistic require the skills to work with multiple layers, soft blends, seamless patterns and textures.

3: Composites that are clean and sharp with attention to direction of light, perspective require methods for creating complex selections, cloning, content aware fill and scaling.

We will cover:

ADOBE CAMERA RAW (ACR) IN PHOTOSHOP,  ACR vs LIGHTOOM: An overview and guided tour of the ACR interface for non-destructive image edits.

GSELECTIONS MASKS AND CHANNELS Understanding the relationship between selections, masks and channels enables successful complex selections of even the most hairy, furry and blurry areas. We will explore selection tools, the Mask Properties Panel, Select and Mask workspace, creating and editing alpha channels, use colour masks, luminosity masks, clipping masks and gradient masks for working with composites. Learn how to smooth areas with frequency separation and blend images with apply image command.

PEN TOOL: See how the Pen tool creates paths for complex selections.

Explore the difference between these two distortion tools.

BLEND MODES: An in-depth overview.

RANGE OF FILTERS and their use

What do you have to bring:

A computer or laptop with Photoshop CC and Zoom apps installed with two monitors


Computer with Photoshop CC installed AND a separate laptop/tablet with Zoom installed Reliable internet connection Speakers, camera and microphone

Further workshops

This series of workshops contains 3 parts, each of which has 3 workshops
Part 1 contains workshops 1, 2 and 3.
Part 2 contains workshops 4,5 and 6.
Part 3 contains workshops 7, 8 and 9.

Event Organiser

Celia Henderson


Cancellation policy

Where participants are obliged to cancel their participation in a particular workshop, RPS South East Region may offer the following refunds:

Cancellation, more than four weeks before the event or workshop - Full refund.

Cancellation, less than four weeks before the event or workshop  -  No refund is possible, although contacting the workshop organiser immediately may enable the place to be transferred to someone else if the demand is present.



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