1. Processing A Night Shoot (800 X 800 Px)

Processing a Night Shoot with Joe Houghton

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In this entertaining and informative workshop presentation, Adobe Lightroom Expert Joe Houghton works through his complete workflow from Import, culling and initial selection of images to edit. He then processes a set of the images, using many different techniques from Lightroom's extensive capabilities and tools including sky selections, detailed masking, HDR combining of multiple bracketed shots, and even combining multiple light trails into a stunning final composite in Photoshop. Joe's Lightroom demonstrations always make for an instructive and compelling session.


Joe Houghton is an experienced photography trainer, author of "Streets of Dublin" a guide to street photography, and "Take Your Time" the art and craft of long exposure photography and an Adobe Certified Expert in Lightroom. He loves helping others develop their skills with both the camera and then in their postprocessing.  Joe was Nikon's trainer in Ireland for 12 years and has trained thousands of people at all levels of experience. Since Covid, Joe has delivered over 200 talks to camera clubs via Zoom, and is a sought-after speaker and judge for clubs all around the UK and internationally. His website is at www.houghtonphoto.com.




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Melanie Chalk


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