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Essential Skills: Introduction to Layers and Selections

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Essential Skills

Introduction to Layers and Selections

This workshop is suitable for Intro level

Guide for who should attend this course: Those who want to cover Layer and Selection basics

What will you learn:  Good image editing nearly always requires more than one layer.  This workshop covers everthing you need to know about working with layers: duplicating, moving, deleting, adding, merging, stamp copies, naming conventions and creating new documents from layers.  And see what you can create when you apply rotation, sta  Changes can be applied globally to your whole image where every pixel is changed, but when you only want to change a part of your image you need the power of Selections.  Which selection tool should you use - this workshop covers basic selection tools , together with deselecting, reselecting, feathering, modifying selections and how the basic cut copy and paste operations behave in Photoshopcking and changing opacity.  Opening and viewing more than one image.  Overview of tools to work with tabbed and floating documents.  Sort out those pesky panels that won't keep still.  Set up a workspace that works for you.  Understanding matching zoom and location and a look behind the scenes of Photoshop preferences.

What time: 10:00:00 AM 

Date of first workshop: Tuesday, 17 May 2022 

Date of second workshop: Tuesday, 24 May 2022 

Event Organiser

Melanie Chalk


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