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The Living Levels Project - Gwent

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Freelance Journalist and Researcher Marsha O Mahony and South Wales Photographer Nanette Hepburn will talk about their involvement in the Living Levels Project and answer questions from attendees.

Marsha was the project lead for The Living Levels Project and worked with many volunteers and freelance staff within the local working communities of Rumney, St Mellons, Wentlooge, Newport, Caldicot and Monmouthshire to record, document and interpret oral histories from those who have lived, worked, and played in the Gwent Levels.

The project inspired a touring exhibition featuring people’s stories, archive material, photographs, film and art. The project has been documented in a web site which can be viewed here 

Nanette Hepburn was one of the local photographers engaged by Marsha to work on this project and her photographs are displayed in this event booking page.

Marsha has also written and published a book called 'River Voices' about the people who live and work along the River Wye which flows along the borders of Wales and England and has many well known beauty spots and attracts tourists, canoeists and fishermen all year round.


Contact details for both Marsha and Nanette are supplied here :

Marsha's entry on Creative Cardiff site 


Nanette Hepburn Website https://www.hepburnphotography.co.uk



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South Wales, Region Organiser Rhys Jones ARPS




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