RPS South Wales Region & Penllergare Trust Symposium

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Event Image - the lake at Pennlergare Valley Woods, Swansea - Rhys Jones ARPS

A new series of online talks on themes 

1. Describing the main features of the site at Penllergare Valley Woods now restored and preserved by the Penllergare Trust.

2. The heritage of the Dillwyn Llewelyn Family Members who lived at Penllergare in Swansea, South Wales and their contributions in the fields of Photography, Science and Technology and to the RPS.

3. Victorian photographic pioneers who were associated with the Dillwyn Llewelyn family

4. Contributions to show how photography in the 21st Century has developed from the work of these early pioneers :

- the Oxymel process developed by JDL allowed collodion negatives to be preserved for many days. This was hailed by the Illustrated London News in 1856 "The plates may be prepared at home and a boxful taken out and think of this ye tourists, as you travel along and a fine prospect meets your eye you have nothing to do but stop your carriage, get out your camera, and in a few minutes you may secure a picture, drawn by Nature herself, that would have taken you hours to sketch...

- the development of astronomical photography in the 20th and 21st centuries following the pioneering work done by Thereza and John Dillwyn Llewelyn at Penllergaer.

- the influence pioneers like Mary Dillwyn, Amy Dillwyn and Thereza Dillwyn Llewelyn have had on the evolution both of the social status of women and in the fields of photography, science, business and commerce in the 20th and 21st century.

Speakers (more to be announced as agreed)

Brian Richards - Trustee Penllergare Trust

Brian will talk about the history of the Penllergare Estate and Penllergare Valley Woods site in Swansea as it today and will explain the main features of the site and the work of the Penllergare Trust. Brian will also outline the role that John Dillwyn Llewelyn and his family played in the early development of photography

Derek Ashman - Penllergare Trust

Derek will examine the processes used by John Dillwyn Llewelyn and speak about his modern day adaptions of them.

'Bees to Pixels' by Stewart Wall MA ARPS
RPS Regional Organiser and Distinctions Assessor

Stewart will look at the history of problem solving by photographers during their photographic journey. His talk is inspired by JDL's Oxymel process development of the mid 19th century

The importance of planning by Rolf Kraehenbuehl RPS Regional Organiser

Rolf will consider the debt modern photography owes to early pioneers and highlight the importance and benefits of thorough project planning, and how he transfers and applies planning skills from his professional life to photography projects.




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RPS South Wales Region Organiser, Rhys Jones ARPS




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