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A Feeling of Impressionism - Steven Le Prevost FRPS

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‘A Feeling of Impressionism’ by Steven Le Prevost FRPS AFIAP MPAGB FIPF BPE5*

Steven has served on the Fine Art Distinctions Panel of the Royal Photographic Society (RPS) and has some work included within the RPS Tyng Collection, a collection started in 1927 with money given by Stephen Tyng to recognise pictorial pictures of outstanding pictorial merit. Once acquired the pictures formed part of the RPS Collection now housed in the Victoria and Albert Museum in London.

Steven holds three Fellowships, two with the RPS and one with the Irish Photographic Federation. In 2011 an invitation to membership of the London Salon of Photography was proudly accepted. Other distinctions that Steven is equally proud to hold are MPAGB and AFIAP.

All images copyright Steven Le Prevost FRPS AFIAP MPAGB FIPF BPE5*

Steven's home is the Channel Island of Guernsey, although in a Covid free world you may often find him away from island life at various photographic events.

In this talk Steven will discuss how he used a conventional darkroom initially along with how he now works digitally. All Steven's Fellowship Panels will be seen and he will briefly share his journey and experiences on the way.

Steven writes

"You will see the pictures I feel work and I am proud to show you along with a few of the not so good images that would normally be hidden from view. Do not expect a tutorial as I am not aware one exists, I have not yet found the magic filter in any software that will turn your picture into photographic art. Where possible my aim is to challenge the fundamentals and boundaries of photography and to strive to be unique in my preferred style of photographic art.

All of my work in recent years has been influenced by impressionism, my goal is to create pictures that portray mood, atmosphere and emotion.

All pictures begin as a photograph(s), well exposed and as sharp as possible. From here I then set about distressing the detail, removing that clinical sharpness that we generally strive to achieve in camera.

The end result is I hope a picture that has a subtle softness and timeless artistic feeling. To help me achieve this I will use my camera along with any software as tools to create. Filters of any description are rarely used. For me the most important factor in the creative process is that spark of inspiration, the seed that sets your creative mind on overdrive, this is vital. 

Whilst in creative mode I will try for free my mind of any restrictions so I am free to take any approach I feel suits, no handcuffs, no consideration for compositional rules or any other restraints. Textures are used extensively in all of my work, both photographic textures along with hand made versions.

Genres covered are still life, character and nautical studies."

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South Wales Region Organiser, Rhys Jones ARPS




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