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CREDIT: Mark Reeves ARPS

Mark Reeves ARPS Zoom talk

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Messing About With The Landscape

An outdoor photographer Mark is happiest in wild locations of sea, mountains and rivers, where he shoots only with available light.  However, he does not produce your usual landscape photographs, far from it.  His images are full of different camera techniques, texture and mood.

Many of his images portray impressionistic scenes where the content has been made semi abstract. He uses many camera techniques including ICM, multiple exposures and improvised diffusers. 

Mark’s images definitely fall into the Visual Art category and his talk promises to be both interesting and inspiring. 

‘My talk Messing About with the Landscape is designed both to entertain and to stimulate creativity amongst attendees.’

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Tim Sanders LRPS


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None, but please do inform the organiser if you book and then cannot attend in order you place can be allocated to somebody who may be on a waiting list



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