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Chris is a street photographer and has gained notoriety particularly for his 40-year project documenting the streets of his native Peterborough. His exhibition at the Peterborough Museum and Art Gallery drew over fifteen thousand visitors.

From modest beginnings using a Kodak Instamatic, through Zenith and Praktica to Canon – many photographers of a certain age will recognise his journey. Chris’s practice has also changed with his cameras over the years from the shy use of a telephoto in the early years to the close and personal use of a wide-angle lens today.

Chris has a number of notable achievements not least the use of a number of his images in a five-year installation at Luton Airport from 2015.

He has published a number of books his first being “New England” in 2012 with 170 pictures from his work from the 1970s and 1980s. His popular book Reunions (2016) was spawned after publication of some of his early pictures in the “Peterborough Evening Telegraph” and resulted in him contacting some of those early subjects to arrange to photograph them again in the same locations.

Chis is taking time-off from his latest projects documenting his 45 years in the NHS and also photographing a new set of reunions pictures to join us for this talk.


You can see more of Chris’s work on his website at: -


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