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CREDIT: Graham Wilson

Oxford University Summer VIIIs - Street Photo

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* Subject to restrictions being lifted and the event not being postponed *

A Supported Photo-walk. Number of participants: 8 maximum.
[In association with the RPS Documentary Group Thames Valley]

The Summer VIIIs are an exciting series of bumping rowing races held each year on the river Thames between Donnington Bridge (nearest the start) and Folly Bridge (nearest the finish), a distance of 1800 metres. Teams of eights compete over four days. We will meet on the ramp outside the Head of the River Pub, then wander along the South and North Banks, capturing the action, desperation, and celebration of each race, as well as the ice cream and beverage slurping antics of the spectators. The towpath is well made, so regular shoes will probably be fine, though you will be glad to wrap up warmly!

This is not a "led" trip but Graham Wilson will be on hand to help if he can - if we have left the pub, you will be able to spot him in his distinctive red bobble-less bobble hat!

Meet outside The Head of the River PH, Folly Bridge, St. Aldates, OX1 4LB Oxford, Oxfordshire.

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Graham Wilson



The Head of the River PH

Folly Bridge

St. Aldates