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Fine Art and Landscape Advisory Day ARPS & FRPS

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What are Distinctions Advisory days?

Advisory days are organised by the RPS regions, so members of the public can either get advice on their body of work before applying for a Distinction or attend as an observer to learn about the Distinctions process and see what advice is given.

If you do book for advice you, will have the opportunity to discuss your body of work with a current panel member in a professional but friendly atmosphere, and if you book just to observe it’s a good way to learn about the Distinction process and see how advice is given.

What are Distinctions?

Applying for our Distinctions takes you on a personal journey, exploring not just “technical competence” but how you want to develop as a photographer, how others react to our work, and what we want to say as a photographer. Therefore, we ask for a body of work that shows not just the content of the images but also the intent of the photographer. Essentially, photography has a purpose, and that is to explain, challenge, inspire and tell stories. Our distinctions make us better photographers in that sense, telling our own stories.

What is Fine Art photography?

Photography which communicates a creative vision.

What is Landscape photography? 

Photography that illustrates and interprets earth’s habitats, from the remotest wilderness to urban environs

Before you attend this event

We would encourage you to read the Guidelines which can be found at the bottom of this page.

Which Panel Members will give me advice?

Sue Brown FRPS
Paul Mitchell FRPS

How many images shall I bring?

ARPS advice – 15 images plus a maximum of 5 spares
FRPS advice – 20 images plus a maximum of 5 spares

Do all my images need to be mounted?

All images should be mounted except your spares, this will ensure we can display them correctly.


Event Organiser

Michelle Whitmore ARPS


Venue Information

Wheelchair Access


Cancellation policy

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RPS House

337-340 Paintworks

Arnos Vale



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