Photography Development Workshop - Guidance

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This event is for guidance only. If you wish to just attend, please see the Attendance event.

These are informal gatherings, a great way of meeting likeminded photographers, with drink refreshments tea/coffees etc. and social chat.

You may have a question; photographic images are welcome, a learning hub of information knowledge and skills.

A chance to meet members of your regional committee, members of the society and other interested photographers across all walks including other photographic groups.

We will aim to have one specialist topic/subject presentation at the start of every meeting.

We welcome all, RPS members and non-members who have a photographic interest.

Photographic Reviews –

In addition, we are able to offer some preliminary support and recommendations to work – this will be open to those preparing to submit to either Licentiate or Associate Distinction Advisory Days, although you may just wish to discuss a personal project.

You will be given up to approximately 15 minutes, with the opportunity to discuss distinction work on 1-1 or in an informal group.

LRPS guidance – you preferably need to bring 10 prints and up to 7 spares images

ARPS guidance – you preferably need to bring 15 prints and up to 10 spares images


We will aim to have one specialist subject/talk at the start of every meeting.

Today’s meeting there will be a short presentation of cyanotype images from Patricia Ann Ruddle ARPS

“Why Cyanotypes” A talk about the cyanotype, including its history, its process and how it has influenced my photography.

Event Organiser

Mary Crowther



VJ's Art Bar

1a Finkle Street



VJ's Art Bar